Do You Meet the Big Size Model Criteria?

Plus-size models are in high demand for plus-size fashion and designer lines and many other types of models. They are also more representative of the general population and can resonate more with larger-than-average people.

Size Requirements

Depending on the style of modeling you want to do, your sizing requirements will vary. There are strict requirements for fashion and runway modeling due to the high fashion reputation that fashion designers want to uphold. You’ll see a height of 170cm to 185cm and a body size of UK12-18 for the print guarantee, 10-22 for the runway (client decision), and size 18 for fitness modeling. This requirement is a bit looser in commercial modeling (television advertisements, catalogs, promotional events, and so on), which is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Still, in general, the model chosen fits the requirements.

However, if you find yourself getting a little closer to the number and specifications of curved models, there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Your character and personality are

This is an often unspoken requirement in modeling, but it is very important whether or not modelling will work for you. A practical measure of your interest and character in this industry is your punctuality. Modeling agencies and their clients are very busy on any given day with lots of models, clients, and issues to deal with. You also have to be flexible in managing your schedule, and you must be willing to accommodate projects that come to you at different times and have good time management skills.

You should carry a positive vibe and a pleasant personality with good timing. This is because you will be working with many different people such as photographers, makeup artists, clients, model managers, and bookers to complete your modeling project. So you need to have a personality that helps you get along with these people, or you’ll have a hard time.

Exercise Regularly and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no escape from a healthy lifestyle for any model. Models of all sizes alike must make an effort necessary to maintain body-specific physiques. For the dangling layer of fat, there is a need to tone it and tone the muscles in the area. Plus-size models ideally have a firm and bold body. Along with that, your diet must also be considered properly. Make sure unhealthy fast food and fried foods are kept in minimal amounts and protein, healthy fruits, and vegetables are consumed regularly to give you a healthy glow to your skin.

The most important criterion will always be confident. Plus-size models have a much stronger presence with a fuller body. Confident poses and auras work better than makeup and bring out the best in the model.